Our Notebook Features Explained

We use only FSC certified paper, paper made strictly from responsible sources and often mixed with recycled paper. We are really obsessive about getting the most responsible paper source we can get, always 100% FSC certified.

Highest quality premium hardcovers and soft covers from Italy, Holland, Germany or other European makers. Ranging from classic to unique textures and designs in various colors and styles. Durable, with rounded corners and matching color extra long bookmark ribbon.

Premium Italian Fedrigoni paper 80gsm (80gr./m2). 192 or 224 pages has no “show-through” or “ghosting” with most pens and inks.

Fountain pen optimized paper. Perfectly smooth and absorbable doesn't leave paper residue and particles on the nib's tip and in between the nib’s tines, thus ensuring perfect nib ink-flow.

Paper optimized to dry the ink on the surface layer and prevent “feathering”, where the ink is absorbed completely inside the paper leaving rigid “spiky” lines.

The paper allows the ink to dry fast within 3-7 seconds depending on ink, simply drying as you write. This will ensure you don’t accidentally smudge the writing with your hand or when you turn the page.

Soft beige/cream ivory color paper, doesn't reflect light brightly as the white paper which can hurt the eyes and make the writing difficult to see in a bright daylight or under a strong desk light. Soft beige paper also produces great contrast with most inks.

Acid Free paper ensures no chemical reaction with the air, moisture or the ink. Written content is safe for centuries and the paper stays intact by the ravages of time.

Except for model Texas, all UberWorks notebooks come with 192 pages or 96 usable sheets. There's a good reason for this. After experimenting with many various page setups, we believe this is the optimal number of pages. Depending on the way it's used, it has enough pages to cover an entire year or perfect quarterly organizing more frequent use. With 192 pages the notebook has a perfect weight and feel. Depending on the model it weighs around 320-360gr. or 11-13oz. Anything more will become more difficult to use, carry and even more difficult to lay flat and keep the threaded page binding perfect.

The thread bound spine allows the notebook to stay flat. Even when the notebook is heavily used, the threads will not allow for the pages to start falling off.

On all of the Second Generation Tehnik Dotted models we've added a second bookmark ribbon. Both bookmarks are extra long which allows for the notebook to be easily opened by pulling the bookmark all the way to the corner of the notebook while still having a good amount of bookmark to hold on and flip the cover.

In addition to the thread we also glue the spine with a special paper slip at the back. This doubles the durability. As with any new notebook, you will need to “break” the notebook once you start using it, and it will stay flatter the more you use it.

Some models feature a unique colored paper block edge in the same color as the cover or the elastic, giving the notebook a special unique look. This is time consuming procedure and is done by a professional paper painter by hand. In addition to the color paper edge featured on models Texas and Prototypes, models Air and Prototypes feature a unique cover/elastic color matching first and last page! Here an opposite-complementary color pens will produce amazing looking writing

The last 8 sheets are perforated, perfect for passing a note without tearing the notebook pages.

On the inside of the back cover there’s the expandable folder pocket made with very thick paper. It’s great for storing notes, cards, receipts or anything else it can fit.

We use only the highest strength and highest quality Italian elastics with 10 or 20 strings. Our elastics won’t loosen over time as on many other notebooks.

High-strength rivet integrated pen loop holder will fit and securely hold any pen. Seamlessly integrated with the notebook, the soft and thick elastic loop ensures the loop won't scratch or damage the pen. Unlike other pens loops, our factory installed pen loops will not loosen over time and will absorb any awkward tensions and stresses the pen might cause.

Each notebook is assembled, finished, inspected and packed by hand, under controlled humidity and temperature, just the right conditions for working with paper.

A set of unique multi-functional label stickers come with each notebook. They can be used for the front of the cover or even the spine. Great for labeling keeping track of your subjects, for archiving or even when the notebook is placed on a shelf. Find out more...

A unique UberWorks developed system called Sheet/Page ID indexing table of content function. The unique Sheet Index Table of Content system will allow you to index the pages in any way you like. Find out more...