Paper Types & Sizes

Paper Types

paper types

It doesn't matter if you use notebooks for drawings, journaling, tasks or notes. Our notebooks come with 3 types of paper: Plain (Clear), Lined or Dotted. Therefore, everyone can pick the type of paper that suits them best.

All notebooks have 192 pages, although Texas has 224 pages.


You can choose paper type according to your needs:

  • Dotted - If lines are too disturbing, but some guidance is necessary or you just want the versatility for notes, drawing or other creations in one notebook - dots are the versatility!
  • Plain - If you need the whole space for your creativity, plain type of paper is the right one for you.
  • Lined - Do your notes need to be tidy? Lined paper helps you with that perfectly.


Notebook Sizes

Notebook sizes

Our notebooks come in 4 sizes:

  • Large is our biggest format. It is a bit smaller than A4 paper format.
  • Standard is our bestseller. A format similar to A5 has the right dimensions for almost all purposes.
  • Pocket is suitable for diaries or any information which can fit in to the back pocket of your jeans.
  • True pocket, also called mini, is our smallest format. It can be hidden almost anywhere. Photon is the only model produced in this size.